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Mankind has been telling stories visually for 40,000 years. In spite of the continuing evolution of language and the increasing sophistication of both linguistics and technology, our reptilian brains still respond most strongly to visual stimulus. We are hard-wired to take in information visually, and then respond. The same basic neurological framework that helped us avoid Sabre-toothed Tigers now helps us to perceive and understand the modern world. In this context, documentary film making is a vital tool in the quest to effectively convey information.

What makes an image compelling? What inspires interest and engagement? There is no definitive answer, but we are compelled to pay attention to images and sounds that speak to our sub-cortical or sub-conscious brains. ¬†Shapes, colors, sounds, images that we don’t understand or that remind us of other things.¬† To this end, Billet Media employs classical and avant-garde visual storytelling techniques to tell human interest stories in the documentary medium. We conduct great-looking, great-sounding interviews. We incorporate emotive sounds and music. We capture interesting b-roll. Then we put it all together with the aim of telling great stories.

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“Jarrod is a very skillful and knowledgeable guy who will do everything he can to fulfill your requirements. Do not look any further if you need help with photography and videography.”

Manu Pezzillo, Marketing Manager, Grillo Barristers

“Jarrod helped me re-brand my business. He came up with the name and logo and designed a long-term marketing plan, which helped me grow the business significantly. HI have since recommended him to several of my friends, and they have all been very happy.”

Dr. Rupinder Dhaliwal, Fenelon Dental
“Working with Billet Media is a pleasure. I have to say Jarrod and his team are phenomenal, and whenever you need to get something done, you can always count on Jarrod to produce top quality product for whatever budget that you have in mind.”
Carol Cirillo, Owner, Make It Happen Media