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Training Videos

Video content falls into two broad categories; entertainment and education. Entertaining content can be factual of course, but it’s primary function is to provide enjoyment to the viewer. Educational, or utility content, promises to teach the viewer something in exchange for the time spent viewing. Billet Media Inc. creates technical training videos will show customers how to use your product, or engage with your service. Whether you’re educating HVAC installers on how to safely connect a gas line, or ALS patients on how to administer live-saving medicine at home, Billet Media can help.

People may not be watching as much television as they have in the past, they are consuming more video content than ever before. Every minute of every day, 300 hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube. YouTube stars like Casey Neistat have subscriber base greater than the total seasonal audience for The Tonight Show, The Late Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, combined! If you need help creating content for this new digital landscape, including branded content, ads, explainer videos, or even live multi-camera shoots, we can help.

What people are saying

“Jarrod is a very skillful and knowledgeable guy who will do everything he can to fulfill your requirements. Do not look any further if you need help with photography and videography.”

Manu Pezzillo, Marketing Manager, Grillo Barristers

“Jarrod helped me re-brand my business. He came up with the name and logo and designed a long-term marketing plan, which helped me grow the business significantly. HI have since recommended him to several of my friends, and they have all been very happy.”

Dr. Rupinder Dhaliwal, Fenelon Dental
“Working with Billet Media is a pleasure. I have to say Jarrod and his team are phenomenal, and whenever you need to get something done, you can always count on Jarrod to produce top quality product for whatever budget that you have in mind.”
Carol Cirillo, Owner, Make It Happen Media